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Welcome to 3VS Havanese! Since the time we were fortunate enough to become owned by a Havanese, it was a dream of mine to breed a line of Havanese that would bring to others the same kind of joy we receive daily from our own dogs. In breeding Jenny (retired), Leena (retired), and Mimi (retired), we have achieved that! Jenny is our foundation bitch. We've bred only on her lines & she blessed us with our Dream, Friends, Lyrical, & Royal litters. I owe her everything. She passed her awesome temperament on to her puppies, grand-pups, & great-grand pups! You'll find more information about them on our "Past Litters" page.

   We are a small show/hobby breeder in Northern Illinois, about 60 miles west of Chicago. Our family consists of myself, my husband Tony, our daughter Wesley Anne, our son-in-law Jimmy, & some of the most adorable dogs I've ever known! One of the most important members of our team is our family friend, co-owner, & partner, Kathi Robertson of Happy Day Havanese. She showed Jenny to her championship, co-owns our dogs, & is 'Bestest Auntie' to our entire family of canines!

    I have owned dogs my whole life, & for most of it I was content for my dogs to be the "Mutt, got him from a shelter variety". Fast forward to 1999. My daughter really wanted a dog. I was ready investigate the idea. I wanted to be sure that we were right for the dog & that the dog was right for us. To me that meant for the first time in my life, I was going to find a pure bred dog. I knew that I'd have to do a lot of research. After six months of research, we settled on the Havanese. The next few months were spent finding a breeder. We got lucky; Sunnys' breeder contacted me because of a question I posted on an email list. She did have a puppy available & Sunny came to live with us. Since these dogs are addictive, Blaze found us 18 months later, Jenny came 18 months after that.

   When we became totally enthralled with our breed, we decided to attempt showing dogs. I was an absolute disaster in the show ring! Enter our friend & partner Kathi… Six Havs & one toy poodle now own her. Kathi is owned by Jenny's littermate, Artie. Additionally I'm proud to say that her family includes two boys bred by 3VS Havanese! One of them,Woody (Dream Litter), is our first AKC Champion. The latest addition to her family is Danny (Lyrical Litter), brother to Mimi. Having finished Woody to his AKC championship, Kathi is now having fun in the show ring with Danny. Kathi is also the proud mom to Sammie who was the sire of our Lyrical, Royal, and Olympic Litters.

   Our dogs bring joy to us every day & I can't conceive of life without them. We try to be as good to them as they are to us. Our dogs are first, foremost, & forever ~ family members! They sleep in our beds, & stay by our side as we work, relax, & play. They go where we go…. & frankly we don't go many places where our dogs are not welcome. OK, once in a great while we eat at restaurants without them! We were founding members of the Windy City Havanese Club & members of Havanese Rescue, Inc. These balls of fluff have completely changed our lives in ways I would never have imagined! We thought we were getting one pet! We soon graduated to showing dogs, and then breeding. Totally unexpected was a change in life style & a whole new host of friends as well.

    I invite you to browse our web site & I hope you'll find it interesting. Feel free to email me with any questions at
3VS Havanese! I'm always happy to talk about our Havanese family & the Havanese breed in general! You never know, perhaps there is a Havanese somewhere waiting to enhance your life too!

Best Regards,
Lynne M. Van Slyke

This page updated 08/15/2014