I love all of my dogs. I really do. But Blaze owns my heart. From the minute I saw a picture of him on his breeders' website, I had to have him! I must have written to her twenty times, asking if she'd made up her mind yet about which home Blaze was intended for. I didn't realize then just how much thought went in to deciding which family would be right for which puppy.

Sunny was a little over one year old when I decided she needed a pal of her own at home. I showed a picture of Blaze to my daughter & she fell in love with him instantly too! When Margie wrote to tell me that we could bring Blaze home with us, I actually cried.

When Blaze came home to us, it did take Sunny a few days to decide it was OK to keep him. Once she did, they've been best friends. She did get a little annoyed that he didn't use the outside potty right away, all the time. So she took over & trained him herself! Blaze was not very vocal as a puppy & wouldn't let us know when he needed to go out. And he absolutely refused to use the litter box. So Sunny took over & came to get me whenever Blaze needed to go out. She's been showing him the ropes ever since!

Blaze is such a great boy... He's never met a person he didn't like! Blaze is very adaptable. Whatever the game plan is, he wants to be a part of it. All of my fluffballs like to go to Auntie Kathi's for puppy play dates, & Blaze is no exception. As soon as we get the leashes out, he dances & barks & generally makes a pest of himself until we're in the van & on our way.

It's been great fun watching his coat change colors. He is a silver brindle. He started out quite dark as a puppy, & is now the most lovely silver, except for his ears, tail, & face mask. Blaze is all heart & we love him dearly.

Having one Havanese is a delight, but having more than one is an experience a Havanese lover should not miss. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching my dogs play & interact with each other!

Blaze shares his bed with his baby sister!
At Aunti Kathi's!
I love to swim!
Baby pictures!
Four months
Seven weeks
Six months
Puppy Clip
Hanging Out
Just Out Of The Pool!
Nap Time
Wes Loves His Face!
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