3VS Celestial Litter is Three Weeks old!
3VS Leena Living The Dream
We are currently accepting applications for this litter.
For information or an application, please email 3VS Havanese .
We do not ship puppies!
The only way they can travel by air is in the passenger compartment,
accompanied by a person.
This page updated 8/24/08

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Dream Litter
CH Waltrons Brute Force
Leena is our little tomgirl! She just wants to have fun, & she finds it where ever she goes! She has a beautiful easy care coat, great structure, & a sweet temperament.
Brutus is an elegant boy with a wonderful structure & awesome temperament. One look at him & it's no wonder why he is a top 25 award winning show dog!
The Celeestial Litter will be three weeks old on Aug. 25th. These are their first individual pictures. They'd all just eaten, so they were very sleepy when we took these pictures.
The theme for this litter is the Celestial Litter. Thanks to my friend & partner Kathi, for these suggestions for AKC names...

3VS Star Fleet Command • 3VS Little Star • 3VS A Star is Born • 3VS Stars and Stripes • 3VS Star Light, Star Bright • 3VS Zodiak Queen • 3VS Wish Upon A Star • 3VS Celestial Prince • 3VS Celestial Princess • 3VS Celestial Dream
These names are suggestions only, you'll find the name that is right for you & your puppy! Our only requirement is that you must use our 3VS prefix. You do not have to use the Celestial theme in your AKC name. We'd like you to, but it's not required. Why not?
Because this is your dream too, & it just may be different than mine...
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