3 VS is delighted to introduce our
CH ERAS Camelot's Hope of 3 VS
CH Pfabulus Bit O The Bubbly
On June 5th, we were blessed with six beautiful puppies! Jenny delivered four males, & two females. The theme for this litter is "Friends". Our daughter & her friends named these little fluffballs! Of course, if you are taking one of these little ones home with you... you'll choose your own 'call names' for them! Until then,
I'd like to introduce...
our Friends Litter at four days old.
Pippin (Max)
Jimmy (Sparky)

The theme for this litter is the Friends Litter. Our Thanks go to Aunti Kathi for these suggestions for AKC names...

3VS You Got To Have Friends• 3VS Best Friends• 3VS Best Friends Girl • 3VS Forever Friends• 3VS Friends & Lovers• 3VS Friendship Bouquet • 3VS Just Good Friends• 3VS Friends Till The End• 3VS Lets Be Friends

These names are suggestions only, you'll find the name that is right for you & your puppy! Our only requirement is that you must use our 3 VS prefix. You do not have to use the FRIENDS theme in your AKC name. We'd like you to, but it's not required. Why not?
Because this is your dream too,
& it just may be different than mine...
For information or an application, please email 3 VS Havanese.
We do not ship puppies!
The only way they can travel by air is in the passenger compartment,
accompanied by a person.
Jenny's Page
This page updated 2/25/09
First to arrive was Riku. She has four white feet, a white belly, throat, & chin. She also has white on the tip of her tail. Not visible in this picture is a very interesting white mark on the back of her neck. Right now, it looks like a question mark!
Next came Pippin, our gold & white boy. He is the easiest to spot in the litter. Not only is he the only gold... he is always eating!
Jimmy is a cute little guy. Actually he's my favorite! His back feet, chest, throat, & chin are white.
Lizzy (Julie)
As you can see, Lizzy is very similar to her older brother! Her front toes are white though, as is one back foot, chest, throat, & chin.
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy is our only Black Irish Pied. He has the normal pied markings, white feet, white collar, & the tip of his tail is white.
Bing was our surprise boy! We were only expecting five puppies & it seemed like Jenny was done. Then out came Bing! He is marked very similar to his brothers & sisters with white belly, throat, & chin. He has a very handsome white blaze on his forehead.
12 Days Old
4 Weeks Old
6 Weeks Old
7 Weeks Old