CH ERAS Camelot's Hope of 3 VS
CH Pfbualus Bit O The Bubbly
Riku, Pippin, Sparky, Julie, Mr. Darcy, & Bingly are a happy bunch of fluffballs at four weeks of age! They're discovering how much fun it is to eat out of a bowl, & what a joy it is to have a double x-pen to run around in. Moving forward is still a little more difficult than going in reverse is! This is a wonderful time with them. After I help them eat, they love to climb in my lap for a while to cuddle. Jenny is relieved that someone else is helping to feed these little angels!
Riku (Female)
Jimmy is now Sparky!

The theme for this litter is the Friends Litter. Our Thanks go to Aunti Kathi for these suggestions for AKC names...

3VS You Got To Have Friends• 3VS Best Friends• 3VS Best Friends Girl • 3VS Friends & Lovers• 3VS Friendship Bouquet • 3VS Just Good Friends• 3VS Friends Till The End• 3VS Lets Be Friends

These names are suggestions only, you'll find the name that is right for you & your puppy! Our only requirement is that you must use our 3 VS prefix. You do not have to use the FRIENDS theme in your AKC name. We'd like you to, but it's not required. Why not?
Because this is your dream too,
& it just may be different than mine...
For information or an application, please email 3 VS Havanese.
We do not ship puppies!
The only way they can travel by air is in the passenger compartment,
accompanied by a person.
Jenny's Page
This page updated 8/5/07
Lizzy is now Julie!
Mr. Darcy
Puppies at 4 Days Old
We went outside today, for the first time ever! It was pretty scary, so we didn't stay out too long.
Puppies at 12 Days Old
Lizzy met her new family today! Her name is now Julie & she will make her home with them in Algonquin, IL.
Pippin met his new family this week too, & will be going home to Lake Forest, IL with them. They are very excited to be the new owners of this golden boy!
Sparky's mom can't wait to take him home to Stockton, IL& spoil him!
Mr. Darcy will live in Winnetka, IL with a couple who feel lucky to be able to bring him home with them.
Riku & Bingly's littermates, pictured below, have found their new Forever Homes & are not available.
Puppies at 6 Weeks Old
Puppies at 7 Weeks Old