Introducing 3VS Garden Litter!
3VS Raising The Torch
CH Jatakabi's Hot Showman
We are currently accepting applications for this litter.
For information or an application, please email 3VS Havanese .

We do not ship puppies!
The only way they can travel by air is in the passenger compartment,
accompanied by a person.
This page updated 08/08/2014
Kurt is a Gold Parti, imported from Finland. Winner of the 2013 World Dog Show, he is owned & loved by Diane & Karen Sako of Windfall Havanese.

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Pedigree information
Lily is a very sweet Black & White Parti Belton. With excellent conformation, Lily is fully health tested. A lively young lady, Lily was born to our Olympic Litter. This is Lily's first litter.
I'm grateful to our friends (and 3VS Puppy Group members) Emily & Ray for suggesting the Garden Litter theme. Credit also goes to them for suggestions for AKC & call names. Following our family tradition, our daughter Wesley named the puppies & this year our son in law Jimmy played "name the puppy" too!
On Thursday June 12, 2014 Lily gave birth to four sweet & colorful puppies, 2 males & two females! It's interesting (maybe only to me!) that before the litter was born we'd decided on the Garden theme & the puppies all turned out to be different colors. It was a long day since Lily woke us at 3 AM. By the end of the day all was well with Lily happily nursing her four beautiful babies.

The puppies are nursing well & are consistently gaining weight. Lily is proving herself to be an awesome first time mom. She readily allows us to handle the puppies as we weigh them or take pictures. Though she does watch our every move!

Please come back often & watch these fluffballs grow!
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1st family photo!
Rose, Cormac, Violet, & Bentley
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