There is a huge controversy going on in the Havanese world regarding the introduction of the "Havana Silk Dog Association" to the Show Dog Fancy. The main question seems to be: Is there a 'new' breed called the Havana Silk Dog? It's a difficult question to answer, as the information available on their web site and on their individual breeders' web sites continues to change. Some weeks they claim they are an entirely different breed. Check back a few weeks later and they tell us they are the same breed, and are simply a different "type" or "style". Most recently, they've decided to introduce an entirely new "breed". Some folks feel that these hybrids are simply a very expensive mutt. You can judge for yourself. I do wonder though, if they can't decide which they are, how are we to know?

I certainly have my own opinion. If you've payed attention to what I have written on this web site, you probably already know what my opinion is! I'd like for you to make up your own mind...

                         * Do some research

                         * Talk to the “old-timers” of the Havanese breed

Only then can you come to an informed opinion. Better writers than I have already provided us with some history, direction, and expertise. I invite you to follow these links. Read what is written, think about what these people have to say, and form your own conclusion.

These two web pages provide all the information necessary to come to an educated opinion... in my opinion anyway! I'm grateful to my friend Jan at JAS Havanese for allowing me to link to these two pages.
The 'new' "Havana Silk Dog" ——— Fact or Fiction?
This page updated August 3, 2012
Lynne M. Van Slyke
3VS Havanese