CH ERAS Camelot's Hope of 3VS
All ready for her debut
Jenny & Artie's first show
Madison, WI 6 months old
Adventures in the Show Ring!
Jenny did not have an extensive show career. We brought her out in Madison, when she was just over 6 months old. We showed her locally for about five months. She got one major & a few points here & there. We gave her a break until the next spring, when she quickly got her second & third majors. She was finished just before her two year birthday. Kathi & I are both very proud of the fact that Jenny finished as an adult. We liked to show her in braids because she has the most beautiful almond eyes! She was always shown naturally... simply bathed & groomed.
Is it time yet?
First Major!
Jenny was expertly handled by my dear friend, Kathi Robertson. She finished with a total of 16 points, winning 3 majors. I am very grateful to Kathi for the faith she always had in Jenny! Jenny could not have asked for a better Show Mom than Kathi!
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