This page updated 05/16/2013
“If I can't be on a lap, next to a lap is OK!”
Auntie Linda has room for Mimi & sister Tessa
Mimi likes Grandma's lap
Mimi - 3VS Light My Candle
Mimi is a daddy's girl & his lap is her favorite
Mimi was the last born in our Lyrical Litter. As a baby she was this tiny little thing, so small it didn't seem possible she could be real. Her litter name was Midget & the name really fit. She's an "easy keeper" who gets along well with our other dogs, our cats, & every person she's ever met! As an adult she's a beautiful little lady, still on the small side, normally weighing about 10 pounds. A true Sammy daughter (Bydand MagicManSam at Happy Day); her structure is elegant, with the soft, silky coat of her sire.

In temperament, Mimi takes after her mother (CH ERAS Camelot's Hope of 3VS), having never found a lap she doesn't want to sit in or a face she doesn't want to lick! In fact, in looking for pictures for her page, I was hard pressed to find one where she isn't on a lap or close to one. Mimi is the quintessential "Velcro" Havanese! I choose the above photo of Mimi because if I'm sitting down, that's the face I'll be looking at in my lap. Personally, I find her irresistible!

Though perfectly structured for the show ring, with a flashy Havanese gait, we didn't keep her out there for too long. She didn't enjoy showing, & we are not so invested in it that we make our dogs participate in activities they don't enjoy. A breeder pal of mine says "Form follows function, & the function of a Havanese is to be a companion. Mimi excels at this & that's more than good enough for us!
Mimi's Health Certificate & Pedigree
9 weeks old
3 years old
Mimi's new litter has arrived!!!
Mystery Litter