3VS Mystery Litter is
Three Weeks Old!
3VS Light My Candle
CH Jatakabi's Hot Showman
We are currently accepting applications for this litter.
For information or an application, please email 3VS Havanese .

We do not ship puppies!
The only way they can travel by air is in the passenger compartment,
accompanied by a person.
This page updated 06/18/2013
Sweet tempered Mimi is a beautiful B&W parti, with an easy care, slightly wavy, silky coat. This is Mimi's last litter before she is retired.
Kurt is a Gold parti, imported from Finland. He was bred by Taina Jaatinen-Niemi. Owned & loved by Diane & Karen Sako of Windfall Havanese.

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Mimi's Page
Pedigree information
Before I talk about our Mystery ladies, I'd like to congratulate our good friends at Windfall Havanese. Diane, Karen, & Kurt traveled to Budapest last month where Kurt WON the 2013 World Dog Show!!! An awesome win by this fabulous team, owner handled by Karen all the way! We're very proud of Kurt & happy for Karen and Diane.
On Tuesday June 4, 2013 our Mystery girls were three weeks old. The girls are being well fed by Mimi & continue to thrive! As I predicted on the Newborn page, I'm almost unable to tell Cagney & Grace apart since their color & markings are so similar. We painted a little dot on Grace so I don't mistake one for the other, even though Grace is still a bit smaller than Cagney. We moved them into a bigger space to give them room to walk & strengthen their legs. It's sweet to watch them start to play with each other & explore their world.

These three beauties are named (while they're here at 3VS) for female characters from a few favorite thriller/mystery TV shows!
In birth order, left to right...
The theme for this litter is the Mystery Litter. Thanks to my friend & partner Kathi, and my daughter Wesley, for these suggestions for AKC names...

3VS The Quiet Game • 3VS Cagney & Lacey • 3VS Mystery At Lilac Lane • 3VS Where In The World Is Carmen • 3VS Little Miss Marple • 3VS Saving Grace•
Grace, Carmen, & Cagney
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