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This page updated 12/12/2010
3VS Olympic Litter is two weeks old!
Leena is a beautiful black irish pied. She has a gorgeous easy care coat, great structure, & a sweet temperament!
Sammie is a snowy white boy with a wonderful silky coat. He passes his awesome conformation on to his puppies!
Bydand Magic Man Sam at Happy Day
Celestial Litter
I'd like to thank Barbara for suggesting the theme! Thank you also to my friend & partner Kathi, & our good friends Noel & Melissa for suggestions for AKC names.
1988 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1994 Lillehammer, Norway
1952 Oslo, Norway
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On February 19, 2010, we celebrated the Olympians' two week birthday! It's been a busy week for the puppies. Eating & sleeping, then eating & sleeping some more! They worked very hard this week, and kept mama Leena quite busy! This weeks' milestone was that they all opened their eyes & ears! As their litter names represent the Olympic theme, we borrowed names from some cities where the Winter Olympics have been held. Stay tuned & watch us grow!
I'd also like to say thank you to my husband Tony & our daughter Wesley for their continued support & help. I could not do this without them!
Lily, Cal, & Oz
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