CH ERAS Camelot's Hope of 3VS
CH Pfabulus Bit O The Bubbly
On November 6, we were blessed with five beautiful puppies! Jenny delivered four males, & one female. I've been dreaming of this litter for a long time! The realization of this dream would not have been possible without assistance from some very dear friends. These little fluffballs have been named for those who have helped us along the way. We could not have done it without them! Of course, if you are taking one of these little ones home with you... you'll choose your own 'call names' for them! Until then,
I'd like to introduce...
our DREAM LITTER. Come back often, & watch us grow!

The theme for this litter is the Dream Litter. Thanks to Jenny's "Show Mom" Kathi, for these suggestions for AKC names...

3VS I Had A Dream • 3VS Daydream Believer • 3VS I Dream Of Jeannie • 3VS What Dreams May Come • 3VS I'll See You In My Dreams • 3VS Dream A Little Dream Of Me • 3VS California Dreaming • 3VS What A Dream • 3VS Dream Lover • 3VS A Walking Dream • 3VS Dreamboat • 3VS All I Have To Do Is Dream

These names are suggestions only, you'll find the name that is right for you & your puppy! Our only requirement is that you must use our 3 VS prefix. You do not have to use the DREAM theme in your AKC name. We'd like you to, but it's not required. Why not?
Because this is your dream too,
& it just may be different than mine...
For information or an application, please email 3 VS Havanese.
We do not ship puppies!
The only way they can travel by air is in the passenger compartment,
accompanied by a person.
Jenny's Page
This page updated 8/5/07

December 30th: We are ALMOST eight weeks old! Our HuMom says she doesn't know where the time has gone...! This past week has been a REALLY BIG week. Our real Mom, Jenny, got clipped way down. She is very embarrassed & now loves to wear clothes to cover up her lack of hair! She says it does feel pretty good though! On Christmas Day we took a long trip in the car & got to visit Auntie Kathi & Uncle Larry! Boy oh boy, are they ever fun! There were a lot of white dogs there! One of them kept barking at us. We think he was trying to play, but Auntie Kathi wouldn't let him. On Tuesday we got to go outside to play for the first time ever cuz it was a pretty warm day here in Northern Illinois. We had SO much fun! There's all kinds of stuff outside to smell, touch, & taste! The week went downhill from there though. We took another car trip & we thought we were going somewhere else to have fun. But instead, we went to this place where this guy stuck us with NEEDLES in our EARS! That was terrible! And it got even worse cuz after he did that, he stuck us with a different needle & it was WAY BIG. Right between the shoulder blades. It really hurt & we all cried. Our HuMom was such a big baby about it, she made our HuDaddy hold us. We don't know why she was so upset... it was us that got stuck! Humans... we'll never figure them out. We were very tired when we got home & slept "like Angels". At least that's what HuMom said. On Thursday we took another trip. We knew it was gonna be bad... cuz so far that car has ONLY taken us to one good place. We're NOT getting in that thing anymore till it promises to take us someplace GOOD. We're putting our feet down on this issue! Anyway, that time we got weighed, & a nice man looked at us & felt us all over. That was a little embarrassing for the Boyz, I'll tell ya. He said he was looking for Family Jewels! We didn't even know we had jewels that needed to be looked for! We think he found everything he wanted cuz he kept smiling & saying, "Very nice, very nice puppies!" But then... out he came with ANOTHER needle! Geez, don't these Humans have anything better to do that stick puppies with sharp things?
There autta be a law against that...
And now a word from our HuMom:

Our Dream Team did have a big week. Some of it wasn't much fun for them, but we are happy to report that they all passed their BAER examine & are "Normal" for hearing. At the same time, they were all microchipped. Yikes! Those needles are big, & I did indeed pass the job of holding them for that on to my husband. <G> The next day, they got their 2nd physical examine, & their 1st set of puppy vaccinations. Today, the little Fluffballs are going for a few short car rides, just so they know that a car ride can be fun & lead to good things, like special treats & toys! These little fluffballs are too wiggly for 'formal' pictures, so I've decided to show off our Dream Team as they play! I really wish you could see them in person. They are all such little charmers!

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