Silverdale's Sunny Delight

Sunny was our introduction to the Havanese breed. We took a big chance, and got her, sight unseen, from a breeder in Virginia. We were very lucky! As a puppy, she did indeed have a sunny disposition! As an adult, Sunny is very dignified, and is the Queen here at 3VS. Sunny loves her whole pack, but is definitely a Daddy's girl!

She came to us litter box trained & we found that to be a real blessing in our Northern Illinois climate! She's extremely intelligent, & has been most helpful in training our other dogs. In fact, when Blaze was a puppy, he was not at all vocal & would not tell us when he needed to go out. So it became Sunny's job to come & get us to let us know when Blaze needed to use the big potty outside!

In addition to being smart, Sunny is very fast. At some point we'd like to train Sunny in agility because she loves to run.

Unlike most Havanese though, she is very picky about people. She takes her time in getting to know people when they come to our home. Once she's decided they're OK, Sunny is thrilled when they come for a visit.

Her absolute favorite thing to do is to go to Auntie Kathi's to visit! Kathi has a huge fenced yard & Sunny would spend the entire day outside running if she could!

Nobody pouts like Sunny!
After a dip in the pool.
Jenny & Sunny
Sunny & Blaze
Sunny is very interested in Jenny's puppies!
My all time favorite picture! This is pure joy!
Guarding her greenie
How could this be comfortable?
Pool Buddies!
Looking for me?
Look where I am!
After a bath.
"It's true. My brother IS a little devil!"
Sunny wants Wesley's present.
Sunny is not too happy about these doggles.
HAVin fun is tiring!
Sunny with Blaze at about 4 months old.
Sunny makes a great pillow!
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